Life so far……

So first of all i would like to say hi…long time no write. I havent been writing in a long while but i have been reading. So lets get everything out of the way thanksgiving was good christmas was ok my new years was eventful and my bithday was awesome. I turned the big thirty and im happy to say that im proud to be thirty. Im very proud of all the achievements and mistakes because i learned from all of it. So i started a new job and i absolutely HATE it, maybe im not meant to work or maybe i just wont be satified until i get my degree and start doing what i want to do. School has been good, im learning new things and i have to ay im passing every one of my classes. I do get so tired because not only am i taking a full load of classes but im also working full time and it is tiring but i have realized that i am strong enough to do it. My husband is starting his own business so that is great. Im proud of him. The kids are well and everything is good. Life is good……


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