So….i went on vacation to try and clear my head and think about whats to come and how to handle it but that didnt work. Its like as soon as i got home i needed another vacation. But i got to spend a little quality time with my “Boo” and nobody was calling me my nickname which is “mommy” every thirty seconds. So i guess it was worth it. I start school on the 29th which is making me soo nervous. I want to do so great in school but i know i can only do what i can. I have a tendency to set the bar extremely high for myself and when i dont do as great as i hoped i disappoint myself. Does anybody else do that? I have inventory coming up at my job and thats like having two jobs– its exhausting. On alltop of this im getting MY kids ready for school and thats like going back to school all over again. Starting with pre-k. As i said a few sentences ago i set the bar extremely high on all aspects of my life and when i think i dont amount to them i disappoint my self. I get anxiety and even depression. This picture says it all i really need to just relax and take it as it comes but thats the price you pay when you want to be great. I even said i was going to blog more and that kind of went to shit. But this is something i love doing so im not going to quit. Anyway i just wanted to say thank you to all of the people following me. You are great dont let anybody tell you differently. I appreciate you. Im still moving still making progress and at the end of the day thats all that matters. I hope this post spoke to you in any kind of way. 

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