I write

I write because there is this voice in me that can only be heard through words on a paper. I write because talking is not enough. To really get my feelings and thoughts on a piece of paper is liberating. Writing takes me to a whole different place. When im sad i write and i become happy. When im angry i write and i become fantastic. When i write the only thing that understands me at that very moment is that pen and paper. I write because why do anything else. Writing makes me think, writing makes me learn, writing makes me understand, writing helps me through emotions that i feel or have never felt before writing liberates me. When im writing the paper is my is the person i grew up with and im telling all my secrets too. Writing is the only way i can express my self openly and i know that paper is not going to judge me. Writing is a way of helping me through everday life because that piece of paper is my therapist.




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