I have become really into photography lately mostly black and white photo’s. I think they are beautiful and amazing at the same time. So I got a professional camera and started to take photo’s. A lot of photo’s actually. I will be taking and uploading them here on my blog in the near future. Let me know what you think. I am brand spanking new to this so please be kind, but also let me really know what you really think. I’m getting into photography because I believe it is a way to express yourself without words. I really like the idea of this. The thought of actually telling a story without saying anything is really personable and mysteries to me. I don’t know about other people but I do have a hard time expressing myself sometimes and I find that this is a really wonderful way to do that not only writing but also taking a picture in that one moment that I am feeling sad or happy or angry or depressed or I could be feeling fantastic and you will know that in a one photo. So this is why I am going to start this wonderful thing and really start getting serious about this blog. Bear with me though because I am a little bit busy at times so it might not be everyday but it will be every week something new is going to be on here. Have a wonderful day and remember this is my life your life and everyone else’s, so lets help each other get through this!


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