Introducing Myself

Wow! This is all very new to me(blogging). I decided to get into blogging because I felt like I have a voice and it should be heard. I am literally scared to talk in public so I felt like this was the next best thing. I have been reading a lot of interesting blogs and I must say I have nothing on you guys everything is so well thought out and put together. It has literally taking me weeks to post something on here, I do know I have much to say but I didn’t know what to say(if this makes any since). I love writing and I love reading so we will see what happens. I hope this turns some heads and feel free to give me any and all advice. Well about to press this publish button (So nervous right now)………………………..


5 thoughts on “Introducing Myself

      1. What i did was write pen to paper in a notebook for a lil over a week like 10 days. this also helps with editing before i type it up . posting everyday So far seems to be working out 🙂


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