A Rant and Shitty Boss

well…….. I haven’t been on here in a while, I feel bad because of that. This is something that I wanted to stick with no matter what because its something I love doing. but with work and other issues I just haven’t found the time. Let’s talk about work… retail is exhausting but when you add a store manager who thinks its ok to act like a complete butt hole to everybody then that’s when things get tough. we are talking about a asshole who if he doesn’t get his way he will act like a two year old and actually have a temper tantrum. I’m serious he will do the whole no talking to you and ignoring you thing and get a attitude with you. HELLO do you now the world does not revolve around you. So you literally have to treat him like one and stroke his ego for a bit so he will leave everyone else alone. I’m also tired of employees not doing what they are suppose to. Not coming in when they need to its like you are a grown adult please act like it.


Introducing Myself

Wow! This is all very new to me(blogging). I decided to get into blogging because I felt like I have a voice and it should be heard. I am literally scared to talk in public so I felt like this was the next best thing. I have been reading a lot of interesting blogs and I must say I have nothing on you guys everything is so well thought out and put together. It has literally taking me weeks to post something on here, I do know I have much to say but I didn’t know what to say(if this makes any since). I love writing and I love reading so we will see what happens. I hope this turns some heads and feel free to give me any and all advice. Well about to press this publish button (So nervous right now)………………………..

Beyonce’s “Formation” vs. Monolithic Blackness

Beyonce’s “Formation” vs. Monolithic Blackness

Scott Woods Makes Lists

In the roiling wake of Beyonce’s new video for “Formation”, I am reminded of a bout of argumentative dissonance I experienced last year when Kendrick Lamar’s record came out. It was an argument I sorely wanted to have, but chose not to publicly. It was loaded with far too much idol worship/hatred, depending on what side of the altar you fell on. However, Beyonce’s new video (the song, not so much) and her Super Bowl halftime appearance is putting me in a corner, so I’ve got to say something so I can move on with my life. In a twist for those who know me, I’m going to defend Beyonce here, while making a point about certain black reactions to political art.

For starters, since black people are not politically or socially or really any other –ly monolithic, you don’t really have to make a case for or against what she’s…

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